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We have over 15 years’ experience serving the hospitality industry – restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, and all other types of food service providers. 

How are we different?

  • Full service: rubbish, recycling, cardboard, cooking oil and food waste collections
  • Our drivers collect the bins directly from the refuse area
  • Full-time drivers, so we can guarantee a reliable service
  • Customised collections, so less bins are required on site
  • Operate 365 days of the year – even on public holidays

What our customers have to say:

"Forever reliable and always putting the customers' concerns first." - The Occidental

"Very reliable and continuously looking at ways to improve our businesses rubbish efficiency." - Degree

"Ever since I got out of my last waste contract I have been nothing but happy with our decision to go with Rubbish Direct. You guys have been punctual, reliable and very professional, the three things I look for in a business partner I'm looking forward to doing business in 2009" - Toto Restaurant


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"Rubbish Direct never let us down and always get the job done. Their service is second to none!"

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